Hey guys,

Sort of fell off internet again.. main reason being kitchen renovations. Haven't read all mails yet so not sure if there's anything I should respond to. I'll get there.

Anyway, there were some new forum messages I've tried answering but soon got stumped by a aftertouch question.
As this isn't really my area I tried learning by doing... setting up MusE to record and edit aftertouch, seems though my keyboard doesn't send aftertouch but Channel pressure, 0xd0 so I tried with that instead.
If I start muse with -m I can see muse registering that pressure messages has been received but I can't seem to find them in the pianoroll controller view.
The playback device I currently tried does not support pressure so I can't hear if they are recorded. Looked at the songfile but couldn't find anything that seems to correspond to the pressure messages.

I think this is mostly directed at Tim, is there anything specific needed before the messages show up?