Hi Geoff,

2011/10/26 Geoff Beasley <geoff@laughingboyrecords.com>
ok, I started using Muse for audio and the verdict ? - no way i'd use
it. and the reason is simple - it's way too complicated for large
sessions and requires too much user intervention. it's all about 'over
flexability'... that is, because the design is trying to be all
encompassing rather than just providing the available HW to the user, it
means the user does all the work.

Example, why doesn't Muse just show  the available Midi devices
connected to the system? I have to call up a special menu, tell Muse
everything, everytime I want to use any HW.  Just give me the HW the
machine contains- that's the standard paradigm. If it's not connected
then I can't use it anyway and it's not listed- if it is connected
assume i want to use it and provide a list.

If I've got 32 audio inputs, then Muse should just provide me with 32
audio inputs - into the mixer, not onto the timeline - I don't want them
as tracks. If they exist in my machine, show me a list. Same with outputs.

Automation is the only special case - allow a switchable track for that
from the mixer, but I don't want it all the time.

Before I can use any audio I have to provide outputs - then connect
them, then connect other outputs to them - vsti's for example  (all the
ones I use have 32 outputs each!) - and then I have to choose outputs
from a list like mono,stereo,1&2, 2&3 3&4,4&5  etc... It took me nearly
20 minutes to setup my test session yesterday. It's too much.

 Muse has a design philosophy such that it may be great that you CAN do
all those things with I/O that Muse allows you to, but it's just too
mesy to set up, too user intensive and  I just don't see a meaningful
use case for this design.

The solution as I see it is to make better use of the mixers. We have 2
mixers - one should be for Audio the other for Midi, and bring together
all the audio/midi HW in one place... then provide as part of the mixer
a patchbay to link them. Then if I want to control I/O i go to the
mixer. At the moment the mixer is almost useless for Midi, because with
no automation available, everything they control is controlled elsewhere
and can be over-ridden anyway.

The main point is, audio all seems to work in Muse but it's just too
much work to use it. It works for small track counts i guess, but for
serious use it's a non starter for me.

I agree with you, even if I slightly disagree as to the reasoning.
Maybe it is splitting hairs but I am very fond of the muse design with (to paraphrase the unix paradigm) everything-is-a-track. I think it is easy to understand and serves a purpose.
But we are definitely lacking in the usability department for setting up large configurations and I think you will be good help for improving this.
To be clear though, we will not do any real fixes for this in 2.0. (apart from hiding all non-tracks in the arranger, can't believe I didn't check this in already)
Midi on the other hand is much better - that is Muse's real strong point.