Morning Florian,

2013/5/30 Florian Jung <>

what is all this SndFile and SndFileR stuff for? Does
SndFile have a deeper sense, or is that just a plain dumb C++ wrapper
around a C library?

and SndFileR is for refcounting; has anyone ever evaluated that
refcounting is actually neccessary? Can't we just use as much SndFiles
as we need?

Yeah, I saw you asked a few times but I would think it is Werners work and probably noone has the full view any longer.

Of course, using as much as we want might waste resources, but that
shouldn't be that bad nowadays, right?

I'm asking because my AudioStreams are reading directly from the
SndFile, and on my way of using AudioStreams everywhere (they are much
smarter than SndFiles, they can stretch and sample-rate-convert  ),
i'll probably eliminate all uses of SndFileR. Because due to the
stream-i-ness of my AudioStreams, you cannot seek() that much (remember
the FLAC stuttering?), so every single WaveEvent needs its own
AudioStream (aka its own SndFile, which is a private member) anyway.

Any problems with that?

I guess memory usage may be an issue but probably you are right that having more regular SndFile shouldn't be a problem. 
Sounds like very neat changes :-)




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