2012/9/16 Florian Jung <florian.a.jung@web.de>
Am 16.09.2012 18:02, schrieb Robert Jonsson:
> Hi Florian,
> 2012/9/16 Florian Jung <florian.a.jung@gmx.de>
>> Hi Robert,
>> seems you have added support for playing back notes when adding them.
>> does this only affect the pianoroll, or also drumeditor and score editor?
>> and, does this also play the notes when moving them (changing pitch)?
> Playback when clicking on and moving notes already existed I only extended
> it to support note creation.
> I considered if I should enable the other editors too but haven't done so
> yet, that's probably a bit more work.

that is, when moving a note, will it then play every note i'm moving
over? when i'm moving the note one octave lower, i want to hear C B A G
F E D C. is that the case?

There's a quite ugly icon you need to click in the toolbar, but yes, it behaves that way :)