Hi Florian,
sorry for time taken.

2012/10/11 Florian Jung <florian.a.jung@web.de>

Here [1] a user complains about the MIDI track pane (in the arranger)
allows you to change patch, volume etc settings, but does not store them
automatically, making MusE forget them on a seek.

I consider this as a quirky behaviour, too; maybe we should default to
storing the changes immediately upon change?

For reverting the old behaviour (with the "store it now!" buttons), we
could have a config option, or possibly a checkbox directly in the track

There has been some work there now, right?

This one [2] looks like a nasty bug; can someone of you reproduce this
(on your probably non-arch-systems?). Looks like a problem in an area i
haven't digged in yet. If you can reproduce, please fix it, if you
can't, i have an arch linux machine, then just tell me. thx.

[3]: "Bad timing" window needs a "don't show again" checkbox. YES, really :)

I'll fix that before release.

Additionally, there are lots of bugs which date back into 2007. Are they
really still an issue, or has just nobody closed them?

I've gone through them some time ago and think what I left was in some way relevant. We probably should go through them again.

btw, how do i assign a bug/feature request to somebody (that is: me)?

*lots of clicking in the sourceforge admin console later*
Try it again, I think you should be able to assign tickets (including yourself) now.






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