Hi all,

Time for another update for general consumption, minor changes done but quite a few of them!

Nearly arbitrary list of changes from the changelog:
- Allow reading old drummaps for new style drumtracks 
- Added metronome icon in main window 
- Fixed moving events with keyboard in Drum editor 
- Added theme support, Light, Dark and Ardour so far
- Added missing line draw shortcut (F) to drum editor.
- Added new french translation from Yann Collette 
- Added: Pan and Zoom tools to editors. P + Z shortcuts. Added a Settings item for alternate behaviour.
- Fixed: Pianoroll and Drum Editor 'Snap' boxes not remembering 1st or 3rd columns.
- Fixed: Arranger 'Snap' was not stored or remembered.
- Fixed: Accelerator buttons shift/ctrl/alt for moving/copying/cloning / restricting movement.
- Fixed: Shift key restricting movement: Ignore snap setting now.
- Fixed: Resize shift key ignore snap setting now.
- Fixed: Draw new item shift key ignore snap setting now.
- Fixed: Shift key was not snapping to vertical.
- Fixed: ALL 'Speaker' related playing of notes. Works with new notes, moving notes, piano press etc.
- Fixed: ALL 'Speaker' related notes now send true note-offs instead of zero-velocity note-ons.
- Fixed: Drum 'Cursor' mode was playing double notes.
- Fixed: New Drums 'Cursor' mode and instrument up/down movement was broken, jumping all over the place.
- Added prebuilt PDF of manual (work in progress)
- Improved: Shortcut listings: Added Wave/Score categories. Re-categorized several keys. Updated README.shortcuts
- Improved: Right-click menus expanded. Now also shows 'Tools' menu when clicked on parts.
- Added choice of new metronome with different sounds and adjustable volume.
- Fixed gain adjustment with 'Other' choice in wave editor, it was reversed 

For more information and additional changes see the full changelog:

Find the download at:

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