2012/9/18 Robert Jonsson <spamatica@gmail.com>

2012/9/18 Tim E. Real <termtech@rogers.com>

On September 17, 2012 3:48:12 PM . TERMTECH wrote:
> Robert, about the Aux labels.If the Aux Track name is too long the strips
> expand and look ugly. Is there a way to use ellipsis (...) text breaking in
> that label?

> I can't remember what the text said before, was it just "Aux" always?
OK I see it was fixed at Aux1 Aux2 etc.

I have an idea, the only way I can see outta this:
There's no way we're gonna fit an entire name in there. And even with
 a two or three dots ellipsis that leaves room for only a few chars.

So keep the labels as fixed Aux1, Aux2 ...

But prefix all *visual* track name texts with their track number in
 their type of list (that is, the idx into /that/ track type list).
You know, like I did with the MIDI device names: "1: Track 1", and "1: MyAux"
So the fixed Aux1, Aux2 label numbers refer to /those/ numbers.
Only visually prefix, not in the med file - keep only the real name in the file.

Hm, I was thinking for *all* track types there, but maybe too confusing for
 user with those multiple identical numbers
OK, so do it for Aux tracks only, since that's the only thing that needs it
 right now. So "1: Aux 1"   "2: Aux 2"  "3: My Super Big Aux Track Name"

I see, I'll take a look later if that is a better solution.
** Unfortunately I think I've just discovered that if you re-order two or more
 Aux tracks, the order of the strip aux knobs does not change, I think
 the values are pointing to the wrong Aux tracks after.

According to AudioStrip's constructor:

      int auxsSize = MusEGlobal::song->auxs()->size();
      if (t->hasAuxSend()) {
            for (int idx = 0; idx < auxsSize; ++idx) {
                  QLabel *name = new QLabel(((MusECore::Track*)

And according to the med file there's no way to link the specific aux knob
 values to specific tracks.

So the aux knob values stay in the same order but the order of the tracks
 has changed!

Am I wrong, did you fix that? (I'm just looking at code, can't run it ATM).

Or do we have a fundamental flaw with aux send value ordering not being
 linked to track ordering?

Will check it out some more. Cheers.

I didn't change any of that so it's possible you are right. I do use AUXes quite a bit and they have worked fine for me though, but there can be a case where it goes wrong. 
Or do you mean that changing the names of the auxes will cause it to misbehave?
Will try to digest later.

 Yep, moving auxes isn't working. I'll give it a shot at fixing, need to add some indexing or name lookup in the savefile I guess. I'll get back to you guys later.