use aseqdump to create a trace of the incoming MIDI stream. post it here.

On Sun, Sep 1, 2013 at 10:57 PM, Milan Lazecky <> wrote:
I am sorry for a beginner question, but your advice would be helpful..
I have an electronic saxophone, Yamaha WX5.
I use with MIDI->USB, using Qsynth (through jack), the sound is working well, but every time I try to record midi footage, using either rosegarden or ardour3, the midi record is:
- in strange tones (the melody is there, but notes are transposed for +32 or -32) (note that using Qsynth, or connecting with virtual keyboard, the notes are ok...)
- when I try to transpose the recorded melody to normal scale, it doesn't play anything (yes, I map some midi instrument there, but it seems like if there is some strange volume=0 was set, or I don't know - but I haven't found a way to set it to other values)

I know it is very messy question. But maybe you know what is wrong in my case.. maybe to try another software, or I miss some settings there?

Thank you very much.


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