Hello everybody, 

We have a present for you, a new release of MusE.
The alpha indicates this is an early version so it's mainly
- a teaser to spread the word.
- an early adopters build.
- to welcome developers who want to port MusE to other platforms.

MusE has now been completely ported to the Qt4 architecture and we (mainly Tim and Orcan) 
are busy to make it even better than before, lots of gui stuff being reworked.
MusE now also sports a new version of the DeicsOnze, DX11 emulating softsynth, up from version 0.2 to 1.0.
The homepage has received a new look that we hope will give a better indication of what MusE is and does.
Do visit http://muse-sequencer.org.

The full changelog is available at:

Find the download at:

Happy Holidays!
The MusE Team