Hi Alex,

2010/12/21 alex stone <compose59@gmail.com>
Muse has traditionally been a bit fragile here switching between
projects while the app is open. (Segfaults)

The same behaviour is in Muse2, and i offer a suggestion to fix this.
(Bearing in mind i'm a user, so i don't know the mechanics of the code

When a project is finished with, and we want to switch, Muse
disconnects all ports and connections for the current project, in
effect "tidying up" the existing project, and finishing it completely,
before instigating a new project. So the Terminal might show something
like: "All ports disconnected, project closed" to indicate this
process has taken place and is finished.
Then the next project selected starts with a clean slate, so to speak,
and muse isn't trying to both close one project, and try to open
another at the same time. (Which seems to be the current behaviour)

This may add a couple of seconds to the time taken switching projects,
but it may be a more robust mechanism in the long term.

Thoughts? Comments?

The process has of course always been sequential, first the old project is cleared then the new project is loaded, though due to MusE's multithreaded nature there is still a possibility some parts will linger and cause problems later, meaning you may be right.

I looked through the startup process and there were some delays inserted into the sequence but I think there are other places were a delay may help the situation so I tweaked the delays and added some new ones.
Tried it now opening a bunch of old projects, eventually MusE crashed but it was a long time coming, perhaps 40 projects opened...

I'll be interested if the tweaks made any difference on your system?