Sounds great!
Cool screenshot and great list of usability improvements! 
Can't wait :)


2010/12/27 Christopher Cherrett <>
Hi Robert,

Thank you for the warm welcome!

You have a great application and we (Wendy my wife, Andrew Williams my coworker: aka mistik1) are very pleased to be part of it's development. I have been working on The Open Octave Project with Alex Stone for a few years now and we need a new midi sequencer to plug into the pipeline.

24 Hour Piano-roll Code Marathon: (Please join in to get the done)

So that said I have a short list of piano-roll changes and fixes to make in the next 24 hours.

- Complete Qt4 style-sheet dark theme: (this is the piano roll and scroll bars so far, It will be completed today)

- Midi Inputs and Play Events on by default

- Snap play-head to grid when using mouse keys to navigate the time-line. Right now you can get stuck between beats causing step recording to be messed. It forces a click in the time-line to get it back lined up. It needs to always jump to the closest beat when using hot keys.

- Using arrow keys selects the first note closest to the play-head. Right now you need to select a note to enable using hot-keys to navigate notes.

- show velocity and main volume controllers by default when the piano-roll opens. These controllers are used all the time and having them closed causes extra setup between opens of the piano-roll.

- get velocity lines to draw on top of grid lines in the controller lanes.

So that is the short list to get the piano-roll to a decent work-flow state for heavy midi editing.

If anyone would like to help us out please respond to this email and tell me what you will tackle. This may seem like a lot of work, but I think if we plugged at it together we could have a first class piano-roll by the end of the day!

Look forward to any responses!


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Subject: Re: [Lmuse-developer] TrackInfo in the Pianoroll
From: Robert Jonsson <>
To: Christopher Cherrett <>
Date: 12/27/2010 04:47 AM
Hi Christopher!

More developers :) Great!
Probably some discussion I've missed on IRC or something that led up to these patches.
Anyway I just wanted to say hi and welcome you. Hoping you are having fun this far.


2010/12/26 Christopher Cherrett <>

Andrew and I have implemented the TrackInfo in the Pianoroll and will
supply a patch soon.


Christopher Cherrett

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