Disagree entirely. Let them dev away and may the best app be the one of your choice!

 While I love Muse, to me, comparing audio editing in Muse to audio in Ardour is to compare a Ferrari to a Corvette. Ardour may experience similar comparisons in midi sequencing... Either way, let's see where it rolls out eh! :)


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It has appeared to me that the Ardour project, which were a good audio sequencer and manageris now going midi, while MusE which was reknown for midi keep going audio, both of hem works only for linux (other projects like Audacity are going midi). 
One of my friend was using Ardour with MusE since they were complementary (MusE for midi, Ardour for audio), but if things go this way there will be less and less differences between boh projects, a lot of people who want an audio-only sequencer dont want Ardour going midi, and I think many MusE users prefer MusE remans strong in midi. 
I've seen that recently many projects start incorporating features they didnt had rather than pushing their own advantages, making individual projects better, but the overall use of Linux audio sofwares becomes stagnant.
Whats next? a partition editor to everyone so that RoseGarden and LMMS becomes the same with the rest?

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