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2009/10/14 Martin Drautzburg <>
On Monday, 12. October 2009 20:48:48 Mathias Gyllengahm wrote:

> What do you guys think? I'm already thinking fancy Python QT-gui apps with
> lots of knobs and stuff. As you can see this can quickly lead to
> dependencies to lots of obscure libraries since everyone can extend MusE
> with their own favourite app. I think the benefits outweighs the backsides
> by far though.



I spent WEEKS of browsing the internet for ANY full featured audio/midi
application which ist scriptable. And I can assure you: there isn't any.
There are a few rudimentary applications and there is of course common music
(which doesn't run well under Linux).

When thinking about muse I actually had something in mind like "python
bindings for Muse". Such that you could control just about everything from a
script and the scripts could install themselves as menu items. And all we had
to do is run swig on the Muse source ;-). But that would require the script
programmer to have some in-depth knowledge about muse. It depends on
how "simple" those bindings turn out.

What you suggest is so much more that what we have today. I could not believe
that I cannot even express simple things like "repeat this 8 times". I could
of course copy and paste, but whenever I change the original I have to do the
whole copy and paste all over again.

Yes, getting Muse scriptable would be a real KILLER. Just think about what
happened to emacs.

I actually think there is not much point in adding many more features to Muse
itself. It is fairly complete from my p.o.v. And you don't want to turn it
into a feature hog anyways. If we could script the thing, we would enter a
whole new world. People could write all sorts of super intelligent
music-generating programs and they could all use Muse as the centerpiece
where all ends meet and where additional audio tracks would be recorded and
stuff like that. Think about software like python MMA (which is really quite
cool). Today I have to write a MIDI file from MMA and import that into Muse.
Whenever I change something in MMA I have to do it all over again. But to
access MMA you would have to do more than what you can do in the pioanoroll
editor, as you have to import several entire tracks.

I'd say: if I had one (Muse) wish free, I would opt for good scripting

Starting with the pianoroll only is of course very limited, but it is a great
leap in the right direction. Maybe I am getting a bit too excited about it,
but hey.


Hi Martin!

Glad to hear! Yes, it's very limited at this stage, more a proof of concept - but it's in the source tree now. One of Roberts concerns was if we get enough data to the script - and currently we don't. A bit of scripting will probably reveal what is missing. And the pianoroll is the wrong place to have everything.

I would really like MusE to have all the capabilities you're describing, and next step will be to try to do something that has to do with actual control of MusE, not just manipulating data. Lets hope Jr sleeps a bit better during daytime. Gotta go change his stinkin' diaper now...