Hi all!

Good news: I have found a working forum to mailinglist bridge!

We can use the phpBB3 forum we already have (moved over to muse-sequencer.org, of course).
We also will host the ML by ourselves (which cuts the last two ropes tieing us to sourceforge :)) ).

And, what is *extremely* cool: all mails to the ML will show up in the forum (including attachments) and vice versa!

There's only a single issue left: one subforum equates to one ML. So we have three options:

1. merge the "muse support" and random discussion forum
2. assign "muse support" to lmuse-user ML, and create a lmuse-talk mailing list for the other subforum
3. like 2, but do *not* make the random discussion forum available as mailing list.

try it out under

(i haven't imported the DB yet, but that's trivially easy)

I'm looking forward to finally having all this migrated. And the forum/ML bridge will be awesome :)! No more forgotten forum postings (:

What do you think? 1, 2 or 3?

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