Hi Victor,

2009/9/25 Viktor Mastoridis <viktor@mastoridis.co.uk>
When I load a soundfont bank in Muse using the fluidsynth plug0in, I get a nice 'engine' where I can add fx etc.

When I attach/load Linuxsampler, I only get a 'grayed' strip with  no options for fx whatsoever.

By attaching, do you mean that you added an input-strip in MusE which connects to linuxsampler?
This strip should have the the same audio capabilities as the fluidynth strip.

Or am I misunderstanding?

Is there a way to add fx to LinuxSampler engine?

also, using the drum editor, and a drum track, I can assign every drum instrument to a different midi channel. Is the a way something similar to be achieved with a LinuxSampler drum set?

Not sure I understand. Do you want to split the linuxsampler kit to different midi channels?
In that case this is all done in linuxsampler. I have some LS config files somewhere if you are interested.



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