Hello again,

2009/6/29 Robert Jonsson <spamatica@gmail.com>
Hi Geoff

built the latest just now.

2009/6/28 Geoff Beasley <geoff@laughingboyrecords.com>

Tim, first impressions count and atm MusE gives the wriong impression to
the first time user; that of being unfinished and unfriendly. I'm telling
people about MusE more now but I'm concerned that their first time
experience will be one of clunkyness and confusion rather than the sweet
understanding of a long time user like me. eg:-

1. Track info pane no longer updates when changing tracks and the fields
only reflect the 'last chamnge' state.

Riiight, seems not to work.

I take that back, it appears to work fine here. The midi tracks are the same when connected to the same device and midi channel, but that would be expected behaviour in MusE, right?

2. Marker window appears on startup again(without titlebar-looks really
strange) pekwm and openbox here btw. Does it fort a collegue on KDE as
well. Press F9 twice and it goes.

I know people has complained about this, I can't recall this ever happening to me though

Haven't looked at this yet.

3. Press spacebar with transport bar showing will open the "Rec Mode" spin
box and not control start/stop status.

This I can confirm.

It seems to work now, the dropdown boxes no longer grab focus, seems to do the trick.

All in cvs REL07 branch


It's getting late for tonight, I'll dig in tomorrow fwiw


these three things alone will turn people off MusE straight away. Period.
I implore you to devote some time to these if possible as MusE is so close
to where is deserved to be. Certainly 1 is a show stopper. anyone else see
this?? been that way for a while for me... on two machines too.

On the jacktransport front, moving the cursor slider in the t'port bar
while playing will cause MusE to 'freeze' jackl transport. Have to close
MusE, restart jack then start Muse again.

It's looking really good tho Tim.

so very close now...



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