2009/6/22 Viktor Mastoridis <viktor@mastoridis.co.uk>
(sorry g.)

btw: can you record from your current cvs version? 


Yes, I can record audio, midi etc.

BTW, how do you guys make a stereo mix/wav of the finished track? Presuming you have recorded midi and audio tracks?

Most of the time I route through jamin, in which case I do:
ecasound -i:jack_auto,jamin -o:mixfile.wav
(It is possible to route jamin back in to MusE to do the mixdown there but it's just extra hazzle.)

From inside MusE you can use the mix-down choice from the same menu as bounce, I don't have muse in front of me so I'm not entirely sure.
I believe it is also possible to click the <rec> button on the main output strip to do it.

Particularly, how do you record Midi on audio (well, incl Bouncing...)

Not sure what you mean, external synths perhaps?
The mixdown in MusE outputs what is currently heard through the output where the mixdown is performed, if the external synths should be part of this they must be routed to this same output, meaning that they must be routed back into MusE.
I do this with drums all the time using linuxsampler and/or vst plugins.



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