Orcan Ogetbil <oget.fedora@gmail.com> schrieb:
I remember that we had this discussion at some point int the past.

I am working at a song for the time being. I have the following
signature in a few measures: Imagine regular 4/4 signature, where I
play triplets on each beat (We can represent this also as 12/12). Now
I cut the last triplet short one note, so my signature should be 11/12
(or 3.66/4).

In Muse the denominator has to be a power of 2. So my measure cannot
be represented currently. Should we relax this power of 2 condition?


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need to verify whether the score editor can handle non-power-of-two sigs properly. (It won't crash, but might look odd)

Orcan, can you describe me how notes must be grouped on such a odd signature?

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