On 04/10/12 19:54, Florian Jung wrote:
We could possibly make this easier by:
- adding one "Default" audio out for every song (this is actually done
- adding one "Default" audio in, similar to the audio out.
- create some setting: have a setting like "auto-route from/to these
tracks: [list]", so that every newly created WaveTrack has [list1]
tracks routed to its input, and has its output routed to [list2]
no my friend - you make it easier by having a better fitted out mixer and a proper audio patchbay matrix in Muse :)

You do this by having a selectable audio input spin box for selecting your HW input (or audio track input)  and the **new** trim pot (well done you Robert!) as an input module on all audio mixer strips and do away altogether with the Input tracks.
And by default 3 aux sends per channel and 3 returns in the mixer permanently with a permanent master output bus as well. All this can be configured but should be there by default imo.

It is reasonable to make assumtions as to what a default system should consist of, but I would like to see a 'session dialogue' where you could tell MusE  " i want 32 Midi tracks, 24 audio tracks, 3 auxs, Master Bus yes/no, automatic incremental connection to real HW outputs/inputs" etc.

Otherwise the default mixer should have  a stereo Master Bus, 3 auxs per audio  channel strip and 3 aux returns and maybe 4 stereo sub groups summing to the master bus automatically.

Your outputs from the mixer channels simply go to a destination, via a matrix patchbay, which may be an audio track, the master bus or audio HW outputs. Click at an intersection in the matrix and the connection is made. Quick and efficient. Look at ardour3 - not ideal but a good starting point.

then  you have no need for audio I/O tracks at all. ( i have never seen the point to this -  as you all know )



one little aside - i've discovered that Ardour3 has a multi core option now for multiple processor assignment. when it's enabled for 2 processors it causes bucket loads of fatal audio clicks on screen redraws here on my main DAW machine.. i reported this to Paul Davis and he said he knew of this. I suggested a tool tip or note somewhere to alert people of this possibility. His reply - no need for a note. Bloody stupid. It took me many days to work this out. If you have a multi-core machine (virtually everyone) you WILL enable this by default when you see it.  Many others who will find this issue won't bother perservering - they will just dump Ardour 3 as a poor piece of software. Too bad.

moral?   listen to your user base. they sometimes know better than you do ;)

the reason i mention this is simply that I thankfully don't get treated like a bimbo by you guys. I much prefer the treatment aound here :D