i tried ubuntu on a spare pc now, i can reproduce the bug. and i can say that i still hate ubuntu, and will start hating unity x_X

my observations:
while the menus are flickering (which is _definitely_ a bug in unity, not in muse. other windows are affected as well!), with some luck you can click on the "window configuration" menu. then unselect "is a subwin". once you moved the arranger out of the main win, the flickering stops.
then uncheck "shares menu/toolbar" as well, then you have a completely usable muse.

the following might fix the problem in a way the ubuntu folks can do:

this will result in a pretty useless main window (only "save", "load", "help", "config" and stuff), but muse is usable at least.

btw, another thing i observed: whenever running muse on ubuntu/unity with the -DD (heavyDebugMsg) option activated, the system becomes unusable (_really_ unusable: a ssh-session lags up to ten seconds!), and seems to run out of memory (i have still 200MB free. this is not much of course, but muse may not take 200MB in debug mode when it's content with few MB in normal mode). i even wasn't able to run 'top', 'htop', 'killall'! ("bash: fork failed. out of memory"). (ps ax and kill worked fortunately ;) )

will investigate further.

question to you devs:
shall WE include support for unity, for example an alternative set of templates and default config? (how could we do this?)
or should we only tell the ubuntu folks what's the problem, how to work around it, and maybe a patch for the default config / templates?

i'd frankly prefer the second solution. i think this is actually their problem and not ours, and by silently working around on ourselves, they never have an incentive to fix the actual problem. and WE have the work with keeping a normal and a ubuntu version around.
when we only support them in fixing it themselves, they, well, get it fixed ;)

what do you think?


Am 22.02.2012 15:25, schrieb Florian Jung:
robert, would you please try editing your .config/MusE/MusE.cfg, so that 
all tags containing "shares" are set to "0"?
see my last email for more details


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