Am 28.01.2012 22:27, schrieb Geoff Beasley:
On 01/29/2012 04:40 AM, Florian Jung wrote:
Am 28.01.2012 01:53, schrieb Geoff Beasley:
Flo, why can't you change the 'A note' in the new drum maps? I would expect to be able to do this..
it's not possible by design. why would you want to?
imho, not being able to change them makes stuff easier for both us devs and the users, while not cutting any functionality.

because you need to be able to re-direct the 'note in' to any 'note out' for drum voices. this is *very* important. this functionality is in the old
drum map - i suggest that it's reinstated - drum map is less useful/flexible otherwise.
this is still possible.
given that you have two drum synthesizers, and one drum input:

create two (!) midi tracks, one for each synthesizer.
set up your stuff as you want (loading/saving drummaps, and auto-loading the appropriate one is probably really helpful here), including but not limited to:

it enables any entry in the drum map to act as a patchbay , which for a drum voice or patch is exactly what you need. without it, you need to find an entry with that particular note out then program that - not an elegant solution.
uhm, so you mean it's not elegant to use the drummap entry which is actually the right entry for your instrument, but instead "abuse" any existing entry?

that is, if you want to make a certain NOTE-ON produce a hi-hat sound, you use any random drummap entry (possibly one labeled "snare drum"), change the out-note and the name?

well, if you find that more elegant than finding the entry labeled "hi-hat" and altering the in-note, the you probably want to go to "global settings" -> "gui behaviour" and make muse use only old-style drum tracks.

i think the new-style drum tracks are more powerful. maybe some use cases which went easy with the old-style-ones may go a bit different, maybe even a tiny bit harder, but they're still possible. plus the old-style drum tracks can not do several things by design, such as using more than 128 different drum sounds, using different drum patches (you ARE able to use different outports, but you cannot set the patches for them), hiding unused drum sounds or splitting your drums into multiple tracks (e.g. for "hi-hats", "snare+bass", "percussion", "effects") AND mix them like you want, and keep the seperate when you want.

 btw,i like the new tempo and play overview in trunk ;)
cool :) i do as well ^^

when do you think that (above) will make it into release_2.0?
it's not a question about "when" but about "whether". if they prove stable and release2_0 isn't going to be finished within the next two weeks (which i, honestly and sadly, doubt) i'll probably add them there as well. consider them as "testing" right now.