On 01/29/2012 04:40 AM, Florian Jung wrote:
Am 28.01.2012 01:53, schrieb Geoff Beasley:
Flo, why can't you change the 'A note' in the new drum maps? I would expect to be able to do this..
it's not possible by design. why would you want to?
imho, not being able to change them makes stuff easier for both us devs and the users, while not cutting any functionality.

because you need to be able to re-direct the 'note in' to any 'note out' for drum voices. this is *very* important. this functionality is in the old
drum map - i suggest that it's reinstated - drum map is less useful/flexible otherwise. it enables any entry in the drum map to act as a patchbay , which for a drum voice or patch is exactly what you need. without it, you need to find an entry with that particular note out then program that - not an elegant solution.

 btw,i like the new tempo and play overview in trunk ;)
cool :) i do as well ^^

when do you think that (above) will make it into release_2.0?