Am 28.12.2011 21:04, schrieb Tim E. Real:
On December 28, 2011 8:52:04 PM Florian Jung wrote:
Am 28.12.2011 20:33, schrieb Tim E. Real:
On December 27, 2011 1:19:48 PM Florian Jung wrote:
Am 25.12.2011 14:46, schrieb Florian Jung:

when i use the midi config window to set up the type of a synth-port
(XG,GM,korg,whatever), then save the file, exit muse, start muse,
the file again, this is not loaded.
this is especially annoying when dealing with drum controllers and
just doesn't remember that my device DOES support them...

found in experimental, i assume it's also in release_2_0.
this only occurs when i start muse with an empty (or different) song,
and then use file->open for loading the song.
if i run muse directly with that song as arguemnt, it works.

what's wrong here? or is that intended?

Hey Flo. Saw your other message too.
Make sure when you use File->Open that you select

  'load song data and configuration'. Otherwise the midi configuration
  is not touched and remains at the last settings.

Can you give that a try? Hopefully that's all it is.
You can also use the open 'Recent' menu, that should work.
Will test here later too, to make sure all is OK.
yup, works then...
however, i suspect configuration like window settings, colors, and other
"Global configuration" stuff is loaded as well then, right?
Correct. I know, far from a perfect scenario.

the midi devices should not belong to "configuration", but to regular
song data, i.e. should be loaded without clicking that box.
Yeah maybe. It was the only reasonable thing I could come up with for now. 
Configuration stuff we agreed is messed up, it needs to be fixed. 
But it's a fairly big task which I believe I will not be able to take care 
 of for this release. So we're kind of stuck with it as is for the moment.
But I'm aware of what needs to be done and I have some fixes in mind.

i think we at first need a plan for this ;)

how about either discussing this in a dedicated thread in the ML, or add a wiki entry, or both?

my idea:
this really well abstracts things
basic idea:
song contains *logical*, semantic information and muse's immediate state upon saving
global config contains *physical* information and user preferences.

how about this?



Geoff suggested I switch it to 'load song data and configuration'

  by default. But I have not gotten around to it yet.



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