Hi all

i'm back :)
done with any final exams ( :) ), holidays ( :/ ), etc

and i finally merged the testing branch with the speedups by using operation groups back into trunk.
you said it works two weeks ago, if now there's still a bug, it must be a tricky one (but there is none xD)

i did such a merge thingy for the first time. in case you ever want to use the experimental-testing-trunk system, i did it as follows:

i assume that upgrading to svn 1.5 or moving to git will make this procedure obsolete, because both have better ways for handling duplicated changes, but well, atm that seems to be the easiest way (the recommended one involved keeping track of all merged and not-merged changes and lots of cherry-picking. not very nice)

well, the usual thing: if you encounter build or install errors, remove and recreate build/