Am 25.05.2011 17:17, schrieb Florian Jung:
i'll try to fix that main-"Ch" issue soon;

however, i'd like to hear your opinion about changing middle-click. i found out that middle-click seems to be the only way to transfer notes from one window to another; insert doesn't work always, should be fixed soon however;
this was wrong; it worked before, and it still works. so middle-click is NOT the only way (and by far not the most comfortable way) for moving notes.

another bug i found is that you cannot paste copied notes to a part which does not overlap in time; this is because notes always get inserted to the (global) time they were copied from; they should, however, be aligned, so that the first pasted note begins at the cursor.
i was wrong with that, too, it works. dunno which problem i had that day :)

what mid-click does right now is nonstandard and should be changed. usually, a middle click erases the note under the cursor (and only this, not the whole selection), or sometimes pastes if clicking into empty space;
i think we should really use it for deleting (as my score editor does), and instead fix inserting: see below
please tell me what you think about this. this is really strange behaviour

and, please fix the time signature edit boxes; they're pretty unusable; i only get what i want with some luck :-/

greetings and a happy discussion ;)