Am 19.05.2011 13:46, schrieb Fernando Gadea:
Florian Jung escribió:
Am 18.05.2011 18:12, schrieb Fernando Gadea:

i hope that this will be fixed when muse2 is non-beta any more.
btw, try left, middle and right mouse button on these rulers showing you the red and blue triangle and the red and blue lines.
I don't use a mouse. My computer is a laptop and as I work a lot with it a've got used to the touchpad with only two buttons. Would it be a problem? How could I substitute the middle button?
well, that's a problem ATM. yesterday, asked the other devs whether we should make muse usable without a middle mouse button, however, i haven't an answer yet. i think this will be fixed in future, but for the moment, you have to use alternatives: linux, or actually the synaptics driver iirc, allows you to do some voodoo with your touchpad: you can make it act as a scroll wheel if you move your finger at the right edge, and you can make it simulate a middle click if you tap in some corner (man synclient tells you how); another way is to use "three buttons emulation", which sends a "middle button" event when you press left and right button simultaneously.
if your TP doesn't support this, i think you're screwed right now.
Oh no... is there a list of the functions that I loose without the middle button? I did try with the right edge's scroll but it gives me nothing
i don't know if you lose them; but i am pretty sure that you will lose some comfort using them.

have you found a way to set the channel of a track :)? i only know about left- and mid-click to set it (however, changing this is in progress...)

also, in my score editor, you have two ways for removing notes:
1. mid-click on it, or
2. select "erase notes", then left click
the first is more convenient, the second also works for you

however, i strongly advise to set up MMB emulation. if your left and right mouse buttons have no space in between (that is, you can press both with only one finger), this will be no problem to you at all (i also used that)

I think you are refering to qt4-dev-tools, but I ask before doing it, because it will download qt4-doc too, and it is a 53 mb download. Is it the one?
well, if you install this, you're on the safe side.
you also can tell synaptic somehow to "not install recommendations" or so.
then you have to install qt4-dev-tools and libqt4-dev (this is a recommendation, the only one you really need)

you also can deselect the large doc-package in the summary

however, i'm using aptitude and debian; synaptic is a GUI frontend for aptitude, and ubuntu, well, is actually a GUI-frontend for debian XD
the instructions should be the same, but i'm not sure