Am 27.03.2011 23:50, schrieb Robert Jonsson:
I noticed that your current implementation does not follow the current
editor pattern with a canvas class, I suppose the scoreeditor does not
benefit from it's features?
correct, it doesn't benefit
Anyway, try and move your code to these.
why? i have thought through this initially, and i came to the conclusion that i cannot benefit from it at all, but it will be pretty hard to integrate my code into the existing system.
the problems are:
i really think that reinventing the wheel is unneccessary, but only if a wheel fits into that place. and in my case, i don't think the "canvas-wheel" fits.

if you have reasons why a Canvas is better, please tell me :)

As for checking it in, that it is not finished and will crash at
certain points is not crucial for checking in. It is a separate
feature and as I understand it won't affect stability unless it is
okay, if that's no problem...

thanks for your score template; however, "right click on a part" -> "score editor" entry is missing; in the "edit" menu it's there ;)

Am 27.03.2011 22:50, schrieb Geoff Beasley:
On 03/28/2011 06:51 AM, Florian Jung wrote:
  try open a
song, open the score viewer, and open another song. it will segfault.

actually muse can do that all by itself without your score editor flo ;) ... although a lot less frequently than it did. does it happen everytime you load a new song ?
heh, yeah, there are some segfaults :)
yes, i think that problem is reproducable.

i don't have much experience with svn (i only have used git so far); is there a way to maintain a local repository, or something like that?
in git, i would create a new branch, do my programming there and eventually merge it with the master again
the goal of this is that my (unstable) development versions don't get into the (at least more) stable master tree, but are still under version control. so if suddenly some code keeps segfaulting, i can use the last archived version.

can i do this locally on my machine somehow? or would i need to get write access to the main repo? or to my own part of it, dunno what svn can do..?