Robert Jonsson wrote:

Are you talking about automation for volume and panning of audio tracks?
In the upcoming 0.8 automation for a lot of audio-related things has
been added and is already working (LADSPA effect parameters, volume +
panning for audio tracks, etc). There are a lot of things that aren't
working in 0.8 yet though.
I'm talking about this:

Notice the panning and envelope curves running over the tracks.

Not quite sure what you mean by this automation, I need to look into that.

Yes, I think this is commonly refered to as automation. What you are doing is 
automating parameters changes over the span of the song.

Here's a snapshot of what muse-0.8 currently looks like, I drew in some 
automation lines just as proof of concept. They don't look as smooth as the 
ones in the other screenshot, but the idea is the same.


That looks great.

I tried the channel filtering and it works just fine for all lead channels, as I said, the percusion just doesn't cooperate.
I thought I remebered a way to display the raw midi comming in but seems like I forgot. Some insights please :)

Thanks everyone!