Have you tried using the midi input filter? There's a thru filter there
to the right. Now I'm not completely sure that it's working 100% as of
today, because of MusE's new internal controller handling, and I'm not a
midi expert so I'm actually not sure exactly how it is supposed to work.
Would be happy if someone could give me some hints. I know that people
have successfully turned off midi thru sometime in the past, but things
might have changed since then...
I'm not quite sure how that thing works... Maybe I need to twiddle it
a bit to figure it out...


Me neither. But it looks like you should be able filter out midi through
for specific messages IIUC. BTW, I hope you saw Werner's suggestion
about recording input for specific midi channels. I never noticed the
fields in trackinfo, but it definitely seems like _the_ solution (if
it's still working, don't have the gear to verify).

It does work, altough the drum is still giving me troubles, like I said, on the MC505 and MC303 the rythm part appears to be 0 and channel 1 is the first lead channel.
It's giving me a headache because I can't select a channel and make it play the drums. For some weird reason I _can_ record them and play them but whenever I push a note (piano roll or drum edittor) it plays a sound on channel 1, the first sound channel instead of drums.
I plan to look at the raw data comming in, I'll post that here.

Anyhow, the main problem here is, and I think this IS the main reason
you want muse to be a slave, is to start recording as soon as I press
play on an instrument. That way, the midi data appears at the start of
a track and should be nicely laid out...

Hmmm, I'd say this sounds more like a question for the master midi
device. Since MusE is slaved, it shouldn't start playback itself. On my
old keyboard, there's a button called synchro start, which starts to
send out midi clock messages, so MusE can begin to calculate tempo
values. If I press a key on the keyboard, it sends "start" and
everything begins to roll. If I want to achieve what you're talking
about, I record enable MusE, press synchro start, and playback +
recording begins, with MusE as slave. Is this what you're thinking of? 

I only have one play button :) It sounds logical to be able to use that like the play button on muse: pressing record and then play starts recording, so pressing record and then pressing play on a device should start recording also, right ?

I don't think they're trivial at all, you're right on the weak spots. If
you try any of the above, I'd be very happy if you could give us some
more reports on your proceedings.

Well, I've never liked computers for actually composing the music, the
tunes and paterns all get sequenced on the instruments themselves,
after all, they're short repetitive parts, no hassle and I prefer a
'hands on' method here.
Computers come in real handy when working on the song structure which
is much less visual on the instruments themselves. Also, as a song
consists of large structures, keeping an overview and the ability to
move big pieces around is just impossible on some of the instruments.
A great feature would be to be able to tune in volumes and panning,
visually over the track (think Cool Edit). Often when I record some
intruments (guitar for instance) it's natural to mess up a part here
and there, for now I can splice and remove certain parts which works
but isn't exactly user friendly. I do believe that was being worked
on, right? 


Are you talking about automation for volume and panning of audio tracks?
In the upcoming 0.8 automation for a lot of audio-related things has
been added and is already working (LADSPA effect parameters, volume +
panning for audio tracks, etc). There are a lot of things that aren't
working in 0.8 yet though.
I'm talking about this:

Notice the panning and envelope curves running over the tracks.

Not quite sure what you mean by this automation, I need to look into that.
I've never found a neat sequencer for paterns btw, or something to
compose and use an arpegiator... 


I've been thinking of adding the possibility of having a part-library
where you can store certain parts, name and categorize them, sort them
etc etc.. This would be great for drum parts, since they're usually
similar between projects. Controller sequences would also be great to
save between projects, to just be able to apply them on a certain part.
Then add a nice way to import and export them to/from the library, to
share with others. But time... :-) (I'm suspecting things like these
might already exist, in one way or another, in the .idf files)

Don't get me wrong here, I'm happy something such as muse even exists,
at least I'm not being forced into a windows enviroment this way :)


Thanks for sharing your opinion!

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