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From: "Tim E. Real" <termtech@rogers.com>
To: <lmuse-user@lists.sourceforge.net>, <lmuse-developer@lists.sourceforge.net>
Subject: [Lmuse-developer] [Lmuse-user] SOLVED: cannot show mess fluidsynth synth gui on 2.1rc1
Date: Thu, Nov 22, 2012 2:17 pm

On November 21, 2012 06:19:18 PM Tim E. Real wrote:
> On November 21, 2012 07:39:32 PM sayhi2guy@tiscali.co.uk wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I have compiled & installed 2.1rc1 on my Bodhi Linux box.  When I
> > load the mess fluidsynth & click on the diamond to show the fluidsynth
> > GUI nothing happens.  I tried the same with mess vam & it also didn't
> > work.  The same process for mess simple synth or for DSSI hexter brings
> > up the GUI.
> >
> > As always, thanks for Muse & any help gratefully
> > received.
> >
> > Guy
> What desktop system does this distro use?
> We had a similar issue from someone running Lubuntu.
> So I installed Lubuntu and discovered that it was the choice
>  of desktop which caused this.
> KDE, Gnome, and the Unity desktop worked OK, while all
>  the others did not.
> The synths windows did not open and the Markers window did not open.
> I am willing to bet that when you try to open the Markers window
>  it does the same thing? (That was the poster's original complaint.)
> So unfortunately I can only recommend you to try another desktop.
> Try KDE, Gnome, Unity, or XFCE which also apparently works.
> Hope this helps.
> Tim.

Not a very satisfactory answer, is it? The original poster didn't think so.
Neither did I.

So I finally fixed it. In SVN trunk now.

* Fixed: Markers and synth windows don't open at all on some desktops
like Lubuntu.

Solution was combination of REMOVAL of fix for "bug: 2811156 Softsynth
GUI unclosable..." (of which said removal BY ITSELF DID NOT FIX this problem)  
AND removal of some superfluous show()s.

Yep, Robert that's why the removal didn't work for the original poster and me.
Crud, eh?

The person who recently told us to remove that bugfix wasn't fooling.
These desktops and X really hate multiple show then close then open etc.
It's like some kind of memory - it refuses to show.
Reminds me of NiCad batteries...

Also added some redundancy checks on several setVisible()s and
menu action setChecked()s for good luck.

A small part of the problem may stem from Qt3 where if I'm not crazy I do
recall menu items had to be forced checked/unchecked from their toggled()
SLOTs. I recall testing I found Qt4 does this automatically.
Could be wrong though.

Our coding is, well, still kinda wacky in there for the Marker and Arranger
showing stuff. There might (should) be some recursive calls happening but
I didn't observe them. See my comments in there. Still checking, and for

Tested OK opening/closing these Marker and synth windows with Lubuntu,
and XFCE (which the original fix was for):


Thanx to knowledgable tester who recently told us to remove that bugfix.
It just needed a little more!
Thanx to Robert for the multiple descriptive comments, which I hunted down.

NB: This DOES NOT FIX DSSI-VST windows not closing. Wrong ballpark.

I did say in LAU this was gonna be one of the the best releases ever.
Thank you to the testers (and coders) out there!

Now let's kill that ALSA bug eh?


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