Hi Robert,

Hi Tim,

> 2011/5/31 Tim E. Real <termtech@rogers.com>:

> >> PERHAPS we should use a general Namespace "Muse::"

Yes, that is what I would prefer!!!

when we use the qtcreator onboard feature refactoring,

renaming all occurrences of a single variable is an easy task.

I could take care of this issue.

But first we should use the patch for the Q_OBJECT stuff.

The problem is, that the diff file will be very, very large then.



Am Dienstag 31 Mai 2011, 08:26:50 schrieb Robert Jonsson:

> Hey Willy,


> Great work!


> 2011/5/31 Tim E. Real <termtech@rogers.com>:

> >> PERHAPS we should use a general Namespace "Muse::"

> >> for all global variables inside Muse.

> > Aha! I knew this would be a problem, did I not say before, Robert,

> >  about namespace and MusE globals?


> Maybe you did, my memory is getting old too ;)

> Honestly it did not occur to me this could be the cause.

> How come this worked in the old codebase, the globals class looked the

> same as I recall. Is there some compiler switch that has influenced

> this behaviour?


> > It'll be very difficult and tedious to change all of MusE globals like that,

> >  but I thought that it should be done for protection at some point...


> Tedious yes, but would it really be hard?

> I guess we have a some global objects with generic names, these are

> high on the list to fix I guess.


> > Whew. These kinds of corruption are very hard to track, I know.

> > Thanks very much Willy!


> Indeed, thanks again.


> Regards,

> Robert


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