On Friday 13 March 2009 06:09:55 MST wrote:
> thought you experts already knew ;-)

never assume! they create, we use,we lose all our work, we abuse and complain, they fix; that's how it goes ;)

> Another issue I found is that adjustments made under menu "settings/follow
> song" are not saved and remembered.

good find.

> I can help testing but can't provide code. How to donate? Well, I am living
> in Austria,Salzburg, the birthtown of Mozart. It is always worth a visit -
> so if you ever happen coming to austria be sure to be my guest with your
> family in my appartment.

i love FOSS. the world is a much better place because of it.

> P.S.: I would be also keen if you please can implement the requested
> feature "King Kong in my panties" from our user SPAM. Although it will be
> crowded a bit as Godzilla is already there ;-)


Geoff Beasley
Laughing Boy Records Australia