all that stuff sounds great for mue ! well done. one major problem remains un addressed and may for ever more perhaps for .9x and that is jack. ardour now *requires* at least =>0.109 and preferably 0.112 which is current svn. i can use muse with 0.112, but only by opening a project first, getting kicked from jack, closing and re-opening muse with the 'start with last song' option enabled. anyway, at least i can finish the current album.

would like to know the true status/roadmap of v2; i've heard no reply to my questions about it here . i wanted to know if it was worth the effort of perservering; last few times i've tried it, it has crashed out as well tho not the same way; whilst trying to use it.

> Hey Geoff, so like, is it actually cold this time 'o year down there?

> Wouldn't that be a cold summer, or is that 'winter - hah!' for you?

cold enuff ! but compared to the rest of the planet, mild ! we reckon 7C is f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g; but i know it aint really ;) still i wouldn't like to be sleeping on the lawn, naked, with the sprinklers on! that's for sure ..