On Friday 16 November 2007 18:42:50 Robert Jonsson wrote:

> Hi Geoff,

> Right, it is quite painful. I did some minor improvements some months

> ago but I don't recall rightly what they where. A filter is a good idea

> though.

maybe i should build 0.9.x from svn then ?

> I'll try to remember to have a look at it.

> Having a bit of a cold at the moment and only operating at 39% capacity,

> hopefully the weekend will cure me.

that's no excuse at all ! your physical well being should have no bearing what-so-ever on your obligation to me... the user. Now, stop complaining and start coding ! ;) (39 % eh; if you were a cpu I'd throw you away ..)

> I did try out the sustain stuff some days ago, atleast I did manage to

> provoke the drawing problem in the control editor. It seems not all

> versions of MusE are affected, haven't found yet why it may be so.

see point one above...

> I think I responded to this earlier, as far as I can tell this is

> correct. It means that it's a 7-bit controller. The name is listed in

> another column (if the correct midi mapping is loaded, I suppose)

actually you did, sorry; i forgot. (senior moments increasing and all that..)

> If any of these issues don't have a bug report please create issues

> (bugs/feature requests) on the bug tracker.

> Life is hectic and atleast I have a tendency to forget. If it's in the

> bug tracker it shouldn't be possible to forget.

tell me about it ! of course I'll commit some on Monday.

kind regards as always,