#75 arrow keys in piano roll should move selected notes

Midi (13)

When the piano roll editor is in focus, currently UP/DOWN moves you up and down a semitone in the virtual keyboard and LEFT/RIGHT moves the focus of the selected MIDI controller - neither of these current arrow key functions are any use to me at all.

It would be much more useful if the arrow keys could be used to move the currently selected MIDI notes.


  • Robert Jonsson

    Robert Jonsson - 2012-12-16

    Hmm, haven't really observed that that there was movement on the vritual keyboard, must be a new thing.
    However, what you want is CTRL+arrows, this moves the selected notes up/down or after the selected snap length.

  • Daniel MacDonald

    Oh right!

    I'd prefer it if we could move the notes without having to hold CTRL then holding control can do what it does without at the mo but if its been that way since the beginning then maybe switching them isn't an option?

  • Robert Jonsson

    Robert Jonsson - 2012-12-16

    Mmm, yes, I think that would not be a good idea.
    Moving when CTRL is held is shared with the drum editors also
    Also, as I forgot to mention, moving left/right does move the currently selected note, hold shift to select several.
    So there is a reason for how it works now.

    Up and down recently started moving the pianoroll, not sure if that is a work in progress by someone, it does produce some confusion (I forgot how it used to work for instance).
    The reason up/down is not used for moving between notes is that it is very hard, programmatically, to find the right note to move to, moving left/right is easier to implement.