#6 Show informational messages if muse cannot start

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As soon muse cannot start, it couldn't only output
errors on the shell but also in the UI.

Perhaps somthing like

ťThe realtime soundserver Jackd is not running. Please
start it before running muse.Ť


ťmuse cannot access /dev/rtc. Maybe you should set
the muse binary as suid root.Ť

Reason: Most normal users do not start programs from
within a shell window, so they simply will notice that
muse doesn't start instead of getting a hint what's
going wrong.

I know you'd like to invest your worthy time in
something more important, but from a users point of
view some info windows would be really helpful.


  • Robert Jonsson

    Robert Jonsson - 2004-12-11

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    For most things MusE already does this. I have personally added several
    such messages. I suppose there are still a few where a message does not
    pop up. I'd appreciate it if you have any examples.

  • Christoph Eckert

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    You're right, there is an info message; maybe I have seen it
    on 0.6.3, but on 0.7.0 I get an message; I'll close this one.
    Sorry for the traffic.

  • Christoph Eckert

    • status: open --> closed