#41 selectable default midi controllers in .idf file

Midi (13)

SHORT: The case happens that some midi controllers
(defined in an .idf file) are frequently used and you
would want to have them automatically available like it
is the case for Velocity, Main Volume, Pan and Program.
A new keyword in the .idf file could allow this.

LONG:It is tedious when you have a lot of tracks that
you have each time to manually add them in the
pianoroll just to draw some values.

At the moment a few controllers appear by default, this
seems "hardcoded". This is an extract of a MusE XML
song, theses controllers are added automatically:

<midiport idx="0">
<instrument>generic midi</instrument>
<name>TerraTec EWS88MT MIDI</name>
<channel idx="0">
<controller id="7">
<controller id="10">
<controller id="262145">

The idea would be that this behaviour evolves to be
generalisable to any controllers. For that, a keyword
would be used in the .idf file. This way the wished
controllers would be automaticly added when you create
a new track/part.
For instance the keyword could be "show" in the
.idf file. (just an example, please find a proper
<Controller name="FilterCutoffFreq"
type="NRPN" h="0x01" l="0x20" show="default"/>
This would made the FilterCutoffFreq to be added
automatically in the controller list of the track in
the pianoroll and in the list editor.

The other controllers defined in the .idf file without
the "show" keyword would remain as it right now (makes
you manually add them to the list of available ones).


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