#37 Simple-Drums - changing the pan values


It is a little bit tricky to adjust the pan for each
individual drum instrument in the simpledrums editor -
when you try to move the pan indicator to the right or
the left, you have to move the indicator very carefully
because there is little space for the pan indicator to
be moved. And when you want to put the pan back to the
middle (with a value of zero), you ask yourself if you
really have put the pan indicator back to the middle,
or somewhere else, i.e somewhere to the left or the
right, but not in the middle.

My solution proposal for this the following:

A pan indicator can be moved to the left or to the
right step by step (by pan values of 5), by clicking
respectively the left or the right edge of the pan
indicator. Every click on the left or right edge
increases / decreases the pan value by 5. The current
pan value is displayed in the middle of the pan
indicator. There are tiny arrows visible on the right
and the left edge, on the right edge pointing to the
right, on the left edge pointing to the left. This
should indicate to the user that he can click (or drag)
one of the edges. When he moves the mouse over one of
these edges, the color of the arrows changes (mouse
over effect).


  • plixplox

    plixplox - 2005-10-07

    Logged In: YES

    I have noticed that the pan knobs in the Simple Drum Editor
    are bigger (nearly too big for adjusting the pan levels) if
    MusE was compiled against qt-3.3.5. If MusE was compiled
    against qt-3.3.4, these knobs are much smaller.

  • Robert Jonsson

    Robert Jonsson - 2006-01-02

    Logged In: YES


    it's actually not the QT version but the style selected
    that make them almost unusable. The default theme in
    mandrake does hardly work at all.
    My favourite is plastik.
    Still, it would be good with some feedback as to what the
    value really is.
    To edit most knobs and sliders in muse I think the
    mouse-wheel is to be preferred (if available!) it does
    give some feeling to how much you have moved.


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