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#165 bounce-to-file doesn't work


bounce-to-file does not work -- produces a blank WAV


  • Robert Jonsson

    Robert Jonsson - 2007-07-07

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    What distribution is this on and which MusE version more specifically? Self built or prepackaged?
    I don't recall if there was any problems with any prior version, the current version should work just fine.

  • cargobidibulle

    cargobidibulle - 2008-02-02

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    I confirm this bug.

    bounce to file looks like working, but produce only a blank file.

    on the other hand, bounce to track works fine.

    My environment
    muse 0.9pre2
    ubuntu 7.1

  • Robert Jonsson

    Robert Jonsson - 2009-07-06
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  • Robert Jonsson

    Robert Jonsson - 2009-07-06

    Here be monsters

  • terminator356

    terminator356 - 2009-07-06
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  • terminator356

    terminator356 - 2009-07-06

    I did some heavy work on bouncing last year.
    Tested, bouncing to track and file should work Ok now.
    Can you let us know if you still have problems?
    Or monsters...
    Bug will close automatically in a few weeks if no reply.
    From ChangeLog 30.04.2008:
    * Fixes and changes to bounce functions. (T356)
    - Fixed garbled target track or file. processWrite() was writing ALL the Audio Outputs to
    the file or track, instead of just one.
    - Feature: Bounce to track (from menu): You now first select any single Audio Output track,
    and any single target Wave track.
    - Feature: Bounce to file (from menu): You now first select any single Audio Output track.

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