#104 Time change: a part does not completely fit into 4 bars

Midi (45)

1. I have created three tracks using fluidsynth. All three
track are based on an invididual sound font (sf2).

First track = drums
Second track= bass
Third track= guitar

The initial bar time for the song was 4/4th.

2. In the track data area, I defined a single part for drums,
bass and guitar (in this order). The time for these parts
initially was 4/4th. The starting point of these parts was bar
number 1. All these parts were one bar long.

3. I moved all parts to bar number 2.

4. At bar number 1, I then defined a different time, a 3/4th
time, with the Transport Panel. Using the Transport Panel I
also defined that from the second bar on, the time is 4/4th.

5. I inserted a new part at bar number one, in the drums,
bass and guitar track (in this order). All these parts are one
bar long, and all are based on 3/4th time. After that first bar,
the song continues with bar number 2, based on 4/4th time.
All parts in bar number 2 were one bar long.

6. I tried to expand all parts, which resided in bar number 2,
to make them 4 bars long. I could do this with the drums
and bass part, but not with the guitar part: the guitar part is
not complety 4 bars long, it is 3 bars + 3/4th long, so there
is a gap of 1/4th at the end displayed in the track data

I cannot expand this part to make it completely fit into the
length of 4 bars, the mouse does not let me to do this. And
when I copy this expanded guitar part to another location in
the data track area, the length of this copy is 3 bars + 3/4th,
and I cannot expand this part to make it completely fit into
the length of 4 bars.

I also cannot create a new, empty guitar part with the
mouse, starting from bar number 2: I can drag the new part,
so that it is 4 bars long, but when I release the mouse, the
right edge of the newly created part jumps back for 1/4th,
so that there is a gap of 1/4th at the end of the newly
created part.

System setup:

- Linux from Scratch / Beyound Linux from Scratch 6.0
- MuSE 0.71
- alsa 1.0.7
- jackd version 0.99.0
- ladccad version 0.4.0
- AMD Duron 1200 Ghz, 256 MB RAM, Soundblaster Live


  • Korvatunturi

    Korvatunturi - 2005-06-22
    • status: open --> closed
  • Korvatunturi

    Korvatunturi - 2005-06-22

    Logged In: YES

    Fixed - the problem was the snap to option and the way it
    was handled; the snap was calculated on the width of the
    part, but the offset of the part must also be considered
    when a different tempo-signature is used before the part
    that is resized.

    Thanks for a very detailed bugreport.