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ShareDaemon: the core+gui solution

Hi there... It has been a long time since I last updated the LMule website. This is because the LMule project is no longer maintained.

Many things have happened in these few months including lmule/xmule fork, xmule/amule fork, sharedaemon project birth and xmule project death (well i graduated too ;) ).

These multiple forks, in my opinion, have had a bad impact on the userbase and lmule/xmule/whatever community.... read more

Posted by BedBoi 2004-01-04

Name and location changes.

After the successful compilation of LMule under MacOS and Win32, we have decided to change name to xMule, as we are not only L(inux)Mule anymore, but multi-platform mule. The new project is located at http://www.sf.net/projects/xmule, homepage at http://www.xmule.org. LMule will no longer be supported, and it is strongly recommended for all users to upgrade to latest xMule version (1.4.1a stable or 1.5.4 unstable), which contain hundreds of bugfixes and various new features.... read more

Posted by Alo Sarv 2003-07-10