Preventing download of my /incoming directory

  • Anonymous - 2004-07-25

    Hi.  I live in Canada, and here people are allowed to legally download full commercial .mp3 files but we are not allowed to upload them to other people.  I have never given permission for anyone to download from the incoming directory but people seem to be able to anyway.  I want it so that for people to download from my incoming directory the "check box" has to be selected for that directory; perhaps I will have to unselect it to deny access of users to the directory or whatever.  I really would like this functionality as I am not using this software to do criminal activity like so many other people, I'm simply exercising the freedoms of the country that I live in and not wanting people to download files from a directory which I have not authorized them to download form.  How do I do this.  Currently, as a patch to the software's troubles I have simply used directory permissions to allow the main user "family" to have access to write to the directory /incoming but not read from that directory.  I really do not like this.  I do not see why I should be forced to share files with people when I do not want to.  How do I fix this so that the directories read for sharing does not include the /incoming directory?

    Please help, this is really troublesome.

    • Ted R. Smith

      Ted R. Smith - 2004-07-25

      This project was renamed OVER A YEAR AND A HALF AGO to xMule.  See and use the forums for your request.


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