I've read all the lowid threads but...

  • andrew snow

    andrew snow - 2003-10-09

    im so lost, ive spent a week on this already...
    ok i have a regular mdk 9.1 install with no firewall.  im on a network with a router, but the router also does not have its firewall turned on.
    i set the ports in the clients pregerences to 11111 for the client port and 11112 for the udp port.
    heres what i get at the cli:

    netstat -ltupn | grep lmule
    tcp        0      0 *               LISTEN      2779/lmule
    udp        0      0 *                           2779/lmule
    udp        0      0 *                           2779/lmule

    my router(siemens) has a setup section for special applications that dont work, you name the application and select either tcp or udp and the start and finish port numbers for incoming and outgoing. i have :
    type:tcp, incoming start:11111 stop:11111, outgoing start:11111 stop:11111
    type:udp, incom. start:4672,stop:4672,out.start:4672,stop:4672
    type:tcp, in.start8080,stop8080,out.start4661,stop4661
    type:udp, in.start8181,stop8181,out.start:4665,stop4665

    what am i supposed to do? i dont see anything in the router setup about forwarding ports.
    i dont see anything in my computer about iptables.

    • Ted R. Smith

      Ted R. Smith - 2003-10-09

      use xMule.

      seriously.  this project is dead.  It has been so for 5 months.
      xMule == the continuation of LMule.


    • andrew snow

      andrew snow - 2003-10-09

      yes im aware of that, same problem with xmule, but cant seem to log in to forums to ask there.
      thank you


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