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  • new to Linux

    new to Linux - 2004-11-07

    hi guys,
    I am new to linux world. and i downloaded lmule just now. But I don't know how to install it and how to run it after i install it? Thx

    • Ted R. Smith

      Ted R. Smith - 2004-11-07

      #1 I know it's confusing but LMule is now called xMule, and this page is here for historical reasons only. for the homepage for the tar.bz2

      xMule is at v1.9.4b which is *far* more advanced and stable than LMule.

      And please tell me why you thought LMule was still active after 19 months of inactivity.

      #2 To install *XMULE* do
      $ tar xjvf xmule-1.9.4b.tar.bz2
      $ ./configure
      $ make
      (as root) # make install

      This process is fairly difficult for a beginner, and requires wxGTK and GTK.  It is recommended to use a binary from your distribution.


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