Is lmule continuing or is xmule replacing it

  • Timothy Webster

    Timothy Webster - 2003-06-04

    I am just curious if lmule is still continuing its development. Or is xmule replacing it.

    I would like to help out the lmule team. I posted a couple of questions to xmule and at least one of the developers is just plain rude!!

    Once I find out the status of lmule development, I will download the cvs and unstable source.


    P.S. Can you also direct your reply to Once I start working on lmule I will read this form regularly.

    • Timo Kujala

      Timo Kujala - 2003-06-04

      I don't see any reason to kill this project. Also new stuff is available, the chatting (messaging, not the IRC) is slowly starting to work.

    • Ted R. Smith

      Ted R. Smith - 2003-06-14


      i take it i'm the rude one :-)

      Your posts were lacking in content, in my opinion, although props should be given to your vivacious posting abilities, for you posted over 12 posts in a few short hours, more than virtually any other user.  Even though I had problems with 10 of the 12, I never-the-less solute you for so effaciously delaying my pursuit of eudaemonia :-)

      That was mostly humorous wit, by the way.

      care to illuminate on how you could help out either project?  your SF resum seems to be void, thus negating any means of determining your coding prowess.  Perhaps you are a doc writer? a software engineer?  Maybe you are familiar w/ wx or sockets or making patches?  Maybe you are a wiz at using gdb?  Or maybe you have the Public Relations department down?

      Any way, sorry if i offended.  If you have some talent then by all means let us know.



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