Anonymous - 2004-09-17

   Can lmule for linux works with 'ipfilter.dat' ? How ? I have only viewed the 'filter bad IP's' option and I have checked it, but i don't know if i download 'ipfilter.dat' and copy it to 'lmule' directory, lmule could filter IP's from it.

   Can 'lmule' new versions include an option for 'ipfilter.dat' and the 'filtered level' ? If i download 'ipfilter.dat' from 'iespana', i need to specify a 'filtered level' lower than '127'

   Why 'ED2K' option don't works on my Mandrake linux ? Though i select it, it takes no effect, my web browsers (Konqueror and Mozilla) say to me: 'ED2K is not a known protocol' when i select an ED2K link from a web page.