xmule + ogg vorbis

  • Eric Fields

    Eric Fields - 2003-06-27

    How come xmule won't share my ogg vorbis files? Most of my digital music collection is in ogg vorbis format, and i love sharing it and spreading the good word of ogg.

    I suppose xmule just sniffs out certain formats like mp3 and wma in the directories that you choose and just shares them... i don't think this is right. every file in every shared directory on your HD should be shared.

    if this isn't made so, i think then there should be more customizable preferences for what types of files you'd like to share.

    • Alo Sarv

      Alo Sarv - 2003-06-27

      Please re-post in xmule forums, and we will investigate this issue.



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