LMMS: 0.4.5 released

LMMS is a free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio®, which allow you to produce music with your computer. This includes the creation of melodies and beats, the synthesis and mixing of sounds, and arranging of samples. You can have fun with your MIDI-keyboard and much more; all in a user-friendly and modern interface.

LMMS 0.4.5 is a maintainance release of the 0.4.x series. It fixes most of the bugs found in version 0.4.4. Thanks to all who helped make this release (especially those who kept up testing and reporting bugs)!

Today we are also officially announcing our effort to rename LMMS. Please keep reading for details!

Summary for version 0.4.5:

* heavily improved VST support, allowing to run many more VST plugins
* ship CALF LADSPA plugins with LMMS
* fixed graphical glitches with Qt 4.5
* added panning and volume envelope support to Sf2Player plugin
* properly build on OS X

The download is available at


Ubuntu packages of LMMS for Intrepid (also suitable for Jaunty) and Hardy will
be available soon at


More information is available at the project-homepage


and the Wiki


Please also note the LMMS Sharing Platform (LSP):


LMMS Renaming Effort:

The team has discussed renaming the project in the past. The reasons for
not renaming have largely been:

* SourceForge.net won't let you (easily) rename
* LMMS is now a recognized brand, we are the top hit on Google, etc...
* We can't think of a better name
* It is too much effort and we are too lazy

However, there are many reasons why we should rename the project

* "LMMS" may be recognized, but it is too hard to say El-Em-Em-Es
* The current name is not "catchy" or "cool" we need something marketable
* L = Linux, but we now support Windows and will soon support OS-X
* MM = MultiMedia, but we are now only focused on audio

Now SF.net allows for renaming projects. We've now realized that maintaining
the "LMMS" brand has little value if the name itself is too hard to
pronounce and remember. We are now willing to put in the effort required
for renaming.

The only thing missing is the new name; this is where you come in! Users
will submit their recommendations. When we are ready to pick a name we will
either choose our favorite, or we will pick our top-5. The winner will then
be voted on by the community. The winner will receive a free copy of LMMS!

To submit your recommendation, send an email to rename.lmms@gmail.com Please
include "LMMS" in your subject line. In the body include your recommendation
and a description. Be sure to include reasons for choosing the name.
There is no limit on how many suggestions you can make.

Good luck!

Detailed changes (taken from "git shortlog 0.4.4..0.4.5"):

Achim Settelmeier (1):
* MainWindow: fixed problems with maximized window-state when using FVWM2

Andrew Kelley (2):
* fixed dependency on libfluidsynth which did not check LMMS_HAVE_FLUIDSYNTH in 0.4.4
* don't coerce the installer to use /usr when cmaking

Frederik (1):
* Allow compilation with -Werror=format-security

Janne Matti Sinisalo (1):
* Added cheese_enthusiast's new piano keys

Paul Giblock (3):
* Make Controller-Rack resizable
* Hotfix for resizable controller rack
* Rename all Controller-family classes to new style

Tobias Doerffel (74):
* Fixed linker flags when building for OS X
* NotePlayHandle: use public method for accessing pitch model
* PianoRoll: removed unused variable
* lmms.rc.in: extended copyright notice
* ControllerConnection: fixed segfault when finalizing invalid controller
* TrackView: do not set Qt::WA_OpaquePaintEvent attribute
* ZynAddSubFX: integrated FLTK 1.3.0 branch from SVN
* ZynAddSubFX: processed UI files with Fluid from FLTK 1.3 branch
* MinGW cross compiling script: fixed invocation of cmake
* ZynAddSubFX: fixed compilation failure of FLTK
* ZynAddSubFX: fixed compilation failure of FLTK if glibc >= 2.10
* RemoteVstPlugin: use SplittedThreading model for Proteus VX
* InstrumentTrack: presetPreviewPlayHandle no longer a friend class
* MultimediaProject: splitted constructor for loading either file or data
* InstrumentTrack: new method silenceAllNotes()
* MMP: detect compressed files rather than guessing by extension
* NotePlayHandle: cleanups, header dependency reductions etc.
* PlayHandle: use QList instead of QVector for PlayHandle array
* Song: reset window title after creating new project from template
* NotePlayHandle: fixed crash at playback of subnotes
* Pattern: properly advance iterator when removing notes
* Renamed type noteVector to NoteVector
* PianoRoll: fixed crash with detune tool
* AutomationEditor: set pen for painter outside inner loop
* Various fixes for properly building on OS X
* Do not build ZynAddSubFX on OS X
* Sf2Player: allocate temporary buffer on stack if possible
* VstBase: initial support for saving/restoring chunks
* RemoteVstPlugin: added more NULL checks
* RemoteVstPlugin: fixed threading issues with saving/restoring chunks
* RemoteVstPlugin: coding style fixes
* RemoteVstPlugin: thread-safe plugin dispatching
* RemoteVstPlugin: workaround for early host callbacks by some plugins
* RemoteVstPlugin: reset m_inputs and m_outputs in updateInOutCount()
* RemoteVstPlugin: print number of inputs/outputs as debugg message
* RemotePlugin: added DEBUG_REMOTE_PLUGIN macro
* Track.h: removed unused class declaration "bbTrack"
* InstrumentTrack: fixed muting of frozen patterns in BB tracks
* RemotePlugin: refactored system feature configuration
* ZynAddSubFX: now build on OS X as well
* ZynAddSubFX/FLTK: updated to SVN revision 6826
* PianoRoll: switch back to draw note after pasting notes
* RemoteVstPlugin: open file with O_BINARY when reading/writing chunks
* RemoteVstPlugin: define O_BINARY to 0 on Linux
* TrackContentWidget: fix graphical glitches with Qt 4.5
* RemoteVstPlugin: prefer chunks over parameters for settings
* RemoteVstPlugin: removed different threading models
* MidiPort: added realOutputChannel() returning zero-based MIDI channel
* RemoteVstPlugin: encapsulate locking in separate inline functions
* RemoteVstPlugin: don't process MIDI events in GUI thread
* RemoteVstPlugin: typedef VstMidiEventList
* RemoteVstPlugin: fixed typo in 4ad5add74582c587ae97f1e8529e5e1046ff8f70
* MidiTime/Pattern: fixed divisions by zero with time sigs 1/16+
* RemotePlugin: added QSTR_TO_STDSTR macro and use it in LVSL/ZASF
* ZynAddSubFX: fixed compilation error
* CAPS: updated to version 0.4.3
* Mixer: fixed wrong macro logic leading to potential performance loss
* Whole code base: various cleanups, removed SINGLE_SOURCE_COMPILE relicts
* Panning: fixed wrong type-conversion in panningToMidi()
* PianoRoll: removed duplicate function call in testPlayNote()
* Sf2Player: added panning and volume envelope support
* Sf2Player: fixed crash and race conditions
* Sf2Player: removed trailing spaces in code
* ZynAddSubFX/FLTK: updated to SVN revision 6826
* Win32Toolchain: define MINGW_PREFIX and QT_HEADERS_DIR
* MidiWinMM: use qWarning() rather than printf()
* MainWindow: removed HQ mode button
* Updated German localization files
* FlpImport: changed most printf()s to qDebug()s and qWarning()s
* FlpImport: fixed crash on invalid notes
* Added CALF LADSPA plugins
* MidiWinMM: added missing break directive after case-block
* TODO list: moved over items from master branch TODO list

More detailed changes can be obtained at

(or "git log 0.4.4..0.4.5")

Posted by Tobias Junghans 2009-08-11

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