LMMS: 0.4.4 released

LMMS is a free cross-platform alternative to commercial programs like FL Studio®, which allow you to produce music with your computer. This includes the creation of melodies and beats, the synthesis and mixing of sounds, and arranging of samples. You can have fun with your MIDI-keyboard and much more; all in a user-friendly and modern interface.

Version 0.4.4 is a maintainance release of the 0.4.x series. It fixes most of the bugs found in version 0.4.3 and has improved stability. Thanks to all who helped making up this release (especially those who kept up testing and reporting bugs)!

Changes (taken from "git shortlog 0.4.3..0.4.4"):

* PeakController: always check for m_peakEffect != NULL before using it (closes #2616486)
* Fixed file mode for files that were executable although they shouldn't be
* NotePlayHandle: call instrumentTrack::deleteNotePluginData() before invalidating itself in instrumentTrack's m_notes array - fixes recording with instruments like Kicker
* MidiImport: show an information message if no default soundfont has been set (closes #2660545)
* MidiImport: per default use bank 0 instead of 128
* PatternView: if volume of a step is 95 it was not possible to increase it to 100 by scrolling up (closes #2656024)
* TrackContainerView: when dragging a preset file into TrackContainerView load complete track settings - fixes an issue where the track name was not loaded from the dragged preset
* PeakControllerEffect: corrected calculation for RMS and moved loops out of if-branches
* MidiPort: properly emit portChanged signals when loading settings - fixes MidiPortMenu showing devices not checked although actually connected
* MIDI subsystem: fixed misspelled "writeable" into "writable", minor coding style fixes
* AutomationPattern: save and restore length of AutomationPattern to avoid confusions with the previous auto-resize behaviour
* Various fixes for better OpenBSD compatibility (thanks to Jacob Meuser)
* FX-Fader: added accessibleName property for FX faders for not displaying an empty titlebar in context-menu
* MidiPortMenu: minor coding style fixes
* MidiAlsaSeq: fixed typo which made output ports not work at all
* MidiPort: subscribe writable rather than readable port when settings
* Fixed various types to be suffixed with "_t".
* Sf2Player: truncated LOG440 constant
* AutomationPatternView: fixed painting of automation data
* Vibed: fixed legacy code in NineButtonSelector
* MidiImport: fixed mistransposed notes
* LadspaEffect: fixed controller connections on samplerate changes
* Oscillator: fixed samplerate dependence of FM/PM
* ControllerConnection: export symbols for win32 build
* RemoteVstPlugin: use SplittedThreading model for MDA plugins
* Oscillator: reverted recent fix for PM
* VstEffect: set displayName property at initialization
* LVSL: track samplerate/tempo changes in VstPlugin base class
* panning.h: fixed compiler warning
* 3rdparty/libsamplerate: updated to version 0.1.7
* SongEditor: fixed horizontal scrollbar with Qt 4.5
* AudioJack: fixed lockup when getting zombified
* RemoteVstPlugin: use std::vector rather than std::list
* InstrumentTrack::masterKey(): fixed miscalculation
* German localization: fixed typo
* RemoteVstPlugin: fix issues with uniqueID
* RemoteVstPlugin: removed obsolete warning
* VstBase/CMakeLists.txt: do not fail with broken wineg++
* InstrumentTrack: fixed calculation in midiPitch()
* Plugin: try to load all shared libraries first
* FileBrowser: added file type VstPluginFile
* VeSTige: added support for d'n'd DLL files onto VeSTige instrument
* RemotePlugin: never lock up if remote plugin died
* PianoView/PianoRoll: fixed keycodes for OS X
* PianoRoll: do not make notes disappear under certain circumstances
* ZynAddSubFX: integrated into stable-0.4 series
* ZynAddSubFX: properly load/save instrument presets
* ZynAddSubFX: made MIDI pitch bend work
* RemotePlugin: made lock() and unlock() methods public
* ZynAddSubFX: do not subclass RemotePlugin
* RemotePlugin: allow waitForInitDone() without busy waiting
* ZynAddSubFX: do not lock up after rendering project
* InstrumentTrackView: save and restore last position of window
* ZynAddSubFX: added support for d'n'd XIZ files onto ZASF plugin
* InstrumentTrackWindow: clear focus on closeEvent
* EffectView: always check whether effect has a control dialog
* VstPlugin: added hasEditor() method
* VstEffect: check whether VST effect has an editor
* LadspaControl: set name property for tempoSyncKnobModel
* Added universal codebase for dragging plugin-specific presets
* README: Synced with master branch
* ZynAddSubFX: added preset collection by Will Godfrey
* Pass main window as parent for progress dialog when loading project

More detailed changes can be obtained at

(or "git log 0.4.3..0.4.4")

Releases of LMMS-extras are not maintained anymore as ZynAddSubFX has been
moved over to the main branch.

One important note on the Win32 build: all libraries and LMMS are now built
with SSE instruction set enabled. This means the win32-build of LMMS 0.4.4
will not run on machines older than 6-10 years (depending on CPU
manufacturer). The big advantage however is improved performance in various

The download is available at


Ubuntu packages of LMMS for Intrepid (also suitable for Jaunty) and Hardy will
be available soon at


More information is available at the project-homepage


and the Wiki


Please also notice the LMMS Sharing Platform (LSP):


Posted by Tobias Junghans 2009-05-04

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