LMMS 0.3.0 finally released

LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio) is a complete suite for digital music-production under Linux. It provides software-synthesizers, samples, MIDI-support, effects, event-automation and much more.

After more than 12 months of work LMMS 0.3.0 is now available. This release is a big milestone as it brings lot of new features and (according to own experiences and the reports of other users) at the same time it is probably the most stable version of LMMS we ever had (which is even more important).

Important changes:

- of course *lot* of bugs and segfaults were fixed
- added support for effects:
* LADSPA-effects
* VST-effects
* LMMS' own effects
- *free* VST-support (via reverse-engineered header)!
- new plugins:
* LB302 (powerful monophonic 303-clone)
* Mallets (STK-frontend)
* Singerbot (Festival-frontend for speech-synthesis)
* Live-Tool (control of bb-tracks at live-performances)
* Kicker (bassdrum-/kick-synthesizer)
* PatMan (sampler for Patch-files)
- performance-improvements
- better compatibility with several platforms/GCC-versions
- better desktop-integration
- improved automation-editor
- obsolete PluckedStringSynth-plugin has been replaced by Vibed-plugin
- added support for compressed project-files
- rewrote parts of internal mixer-core
- added support for note-detuning
- upgrade-feature for properly opening older projects/presets
- improved MIDI-file-import
- added libsamplerate as 3rdparty-code for systems that do not have libsamplerate
- new/improved projects in "cool_songs"-directory
- new samples and presets
- new "Recently opened projects"-menu

The download is available at


If you're upgrading an existing installation, please uninstall LMMS *completely* before installing this version, i.e. remove /usr/bin/lmms, /usr/lib/lmms and /usr/share/lmms (or /usr/local/... ). Otherwise you could experience problems because of obsolete files that actually do not work anymore etc.

More information is available at the project-homepage


and the Wiki


Big thanks to all who helped making up this release!

Posted by Tobias Doerffel 2007-08-20

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